Oliveira Lima
& Dall’Acqua

A history of unlimited dedication to our clients

Oliveira Lima & Dall’Acqua Advogados is well respected for its role in notable criminal cases, defending the rights and guarantees of its clients in cases of great complexity and intense public repercussion.

The firm has been dedicated since the early 1960s to criminal law, innovating and refining its practices to offer excellence in its areas of expertise. Its highly-specialized team of lawyers finds the best solution for every client with tenacity and distinction.

In addition to an uncompromising respect for professional ethics and confidentiality in all cases, the foremost value of the Oliveira Lima & Dall’Acqua team of lawyers continues to be its absolute dedication to its clients.

“In fighting for the right of defense, the lawyer defends not only his clients but all of society.”
José Luis Oliveira Lima

Awards and

Our history


Areobaldo Oliveira Lima begins his career as a criminal lawyer

2nd generation

José Luis Oliveira Lima becomes a partner

Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)

Partner José Luis Oliveira Lima becomes the president of the Rights and Prerogatives Commission of the São Paulo Chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-SP)


José Luis Oliveira Lima is elected one of the 15 most renowned lawyers in Brazil

New phase

In the wake of its 60th anniversary, the firm opens new headquarters in São Paulo and changes its name to Oliveira Lima & Dall'Acqua Advogados