Corporate Criminal Law

Oliveira Lima & Dall’Acqua Advogados is highly specialized in Corporate Criminal Law, defending the interests of companies and their executives and employees, as victims or investigated, in crimes against the economic system; against the financial system; against the tax system; against bidding procedures; against the environment; patrimonial frauds; corruption; money laundering; among all other criminal offenses in the corporate setting. Acting throughout the national territory and in every jurisdiction, including parliamentary investigation committee.

The firm monitors all stages of criminal proceedings, from investigations in crimes against the honor, crimes against the Brazilian Traffic Code, and others, up to representations before the Grand Jury, and assists the prosecution in favor of individuals who are victims of crimes.



The firm counsels individuals and companies in negotiating agreements with public authorities, directly or indirectly related to criminal law, ensuring legal certainty and compliance with current rules.

The firm offers a team of lawyers with vast experience in crisis management and a ready-made structure to provide immediate assistance and swift and effective defense of the clients’ rights. The firm also acts in police operations, search and seizure and other coercive measures.

Crisis Management

Advisory & Compliance

In the advisory and criminal compliance area, the firm coordinates internal investigations, trains the staff, hires private expert examination and issues legal opinions to ensure everything is conducted in full compliance with criminal law.